Who are we

Girlfriend is a homo is a dating or relationship blog site. This blog site is specially created with a mission to reach out to families and couples to create and maintain greater love and health in relationships.

Aside from it, we are here to help people understand the reality of relationships and to provide guidance to end them or mend them. We are here to help lots of people especially couples understand their differences and provide tips for some common problems and arguments.

This is to help them keep a harmonious and strong relationship despite many struggles, problems, differences, a different point of view in life, different opinion, and more. In this blog, we will write and publish blogs which have topics related to marriage, relationship and emotional health.

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Here you can read lots of useful and interesting tips, advice, and other fun facts that can help you grow closer together, even while you’re in a long distance relationship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading source of relationship tips and advice online. This is to help couples and families overcome relationship problems, crisis, and issues. To make this possible, we will share lots of interesting and useful advice that you can use to improve your relationship, mental health as well as your overall health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help lots of families resolve their relationship problems as well as help everybody make a wise decision when to end or mend up a relationship. We are here to help everybody keep their love burning and warm.